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facial and body hair waxing. Don’t be shy, we’ve seen it all!

From brows to legs, and all that’s in between, it’s all taken care of here at Gloss Beauty Lounge.

Waxing is a very simple, safe and effective semi-permanent method of hair removal. Using heated wax to remove unwanted facial and body hair from the root.

With over 25 years experience waxing different parts of the body, We’ve specialised in advanced waxing, using pain relieving techniques, so you can be confident your waxing treatment will be the most comfortable wax you have ever had!

Don’t be nervous or shy give Gloss Beauty Lounge a try.

To ensure the best results possible from your wax treatment, we ask that you follow these simple steps….

Claire is really nice and friendly and made me feel very comfortable when doing my Hollywood waxing. It was super fast and painless and she is very perfectionist and left the area ultra clear and perfect. I surely will go back and totally recommend it !
Jess at Gloss Beauty Lounge was professional and knowledgeable. The salon was beautiful and clean. She delivered a quick and hygienic service. I had a great experience with waxing and will definitely go back again for that and other treatments.

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WhatsApp message from yesterday-as good as a review ? 🙌 ...

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This is a before and after of the treatment I have just done.
What happens ?
I hover my plasma pen a mm above your skin, when I get close enough a reaction happens, like a bolt of lightening hits the skin and causes a tiny hole. Your body’s natural defence and healing system kicks in and collagen and fibroblasts swim to the area to repair that hole but because I’m causing many holes the body is confused and is shocked so therefore it has to make new collagen, not the collagen that has been sat in your skin wasting away year after year, Brand New Baby Collagen !
Over the next couple of days these holes close because the body is clever and has to close them to make sure that nothing gets inside it.
This is the start, this shortens the skin.
The skin is now closed.
The inner skin (the dermis) then has to fill the holes with the brand new collagen and fibroblasts which start to plump and smooth the skin.
This healing takes longer
At 6 weeks you get a before and after to see what has happened.
At 3 months the skin is fresh, smooth, plumper and shorter.
If you want to be smoother at this point I can do again, some people do and some people don’t.
It’s personal choice.
Plasmablast is 100%natural, no needles, no toxins, no risks.
People with hyper or hypo pigmentation should not have this treatment and neither should darker skins Fitzpatrick scale 4 & above.

Any more info give me a call

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Cancellation at 4.15 today please phone 01904863968 ...

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